Smart Grid Gotland to deploy Telvent solutions


Gotland, Sweden and Madrid, Spain — (METERING.COM) — November 16, 2012 – The Smart Grid Gotland project, a large-scale, pioneer smart grid technology demonstration project in a rural area of Gotland, Sweden, is to deploy Telvent’s smart grid solutions.

The project, with a proposed budget of €25 million ($32 million), will demonstrate how new smart grid technologies can improve the electrical quality of large rural grids by utilizing large quantities of distributed power generation and advanced load management strategies.

Telvent’s smart meter technology will be used to greatly increase the involvement of the end-customer in the management of their electricity use, providing them an opportunity to reduce their energy costs through informed decisions and improving access to cheaper power from renewable sources.

“Gotland’s electrical grid already receives a large portion of its electricity from renewable sources. We are hopeful the project and expected results can be easily scaled up and used in other parts of Sweden, or internationally,” says Håkan Gustavsson, project manager for Vattenfall, a partner on the project.

The demonstration will provide new levels in understanding of how Telvent smart grid solutions can be utilized to improve the planning, operation and maintenance of the grid, resulting in an even greater capacity to assist utilities in cutting operational costs and improving service levels.

The project, partly financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2012 and run until 2015.

Other partners besides Telvent and Vattenfall include Gotland Energy, ABB, the Swedish National Grid, and the Royal Institute of Technology