Smart Grid Interoperability Panel PAP 06 completes its work


Gaithersburg, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 21, 2012 – The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s Priority Action Plan 06, tasked with translating ANSI C12.19 metering tables to and from a common semantic model, has completed its work and closed.

The goal was to develop a process to translate the ANSI C12.19 meter data model to and from a common form that will allow the semantics of this and end device models in other standards to be more readily compared and harmonized. A key objective is to facilitate, as much as possible, the lossless transformation to or from other common forms that may be prevalent in the smart grid domain.

Deliverables include key use cases, requirements, a UML meta model of ANSI C12.19-2008, a Gap/Overlap Report C12.19/61968-9, and a white paper.

The work has the potential to substantially reduce the labor costs of integrating large scale systems that use the end device model of ANSI C12.19. By reducing or eliminating the amount of human intervention required, utilities can focus on products and services that provide benefit to the organization and to the customer, rather than spending extensive effort on simply achieving connectivity between computer systems.

The NIST PAP lead was Tom Nelson and Aaron Snyder of EnerNex was the PAP technical champion.

With the closure of this PAP, the completion is realized of seven out of fourteen of the original Priority Action Plans.