Smart grid: Omnetric expands operations to Brazil

The Omnetric group said it will expand its operations to Brazil to help tap into local market demand for smart grid services

German-based Omnetric group has announced plans to expand its operations to Brazil in response to what the company says is a growing local market demand for smart grid solutions.

According to a statement released during Latin American Utility Week held in Sao Paulo, last week, Omnetric will start operating in Brazil late this year.

Omnetric, an Accenture and Siemens joint venture company, will operate from the city of Belo Horizonte where Siemens has a smart grid research and development facility, and Accenture has a branch office.

The smart energy group said it plans to assist Brazilian utilities to better integrate new technologies into their grids by converging IT and operational technologies (OT).

Managing director for Accenture’s utilities industry group in Brazil Adriano Giudice said: “The convergence of IT and OT will help utilities improve grid operations with reduced costs and increase capital effectiveness by enabling more informed-business decisions based in real time.”

The group has plans to expand its operations throughout Latin America in future, Metering has learnt.

Smart grid Brazil

The news comes as activity in Brazil’s smart grid market increases as utilities move towards grid automation to increase network reliability.

In early August, Brazil’s major electricity supplier CPFL Energia confirmed plans to enhance grid reliability by applying distribution automation technology.

The project targeting 250 cities in the state of Sao Paulo was awarded to Silver Spring Networks.

And last month, the Brazilian distribution company Companhia confirmed that it has completed the first phase of Sibmah, a communication protocol for smart grid interoperability in Brazil.

Metering reported that Sibmah, which aims to standardize different types of smart meters as part of the country’s future smart grid, is expected to be completed in 2016.

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