Smart grid partnership between Kamstrup and Tekla


Skanderborg, Denmark and Espoo, Finland — (METERING.COM) — May 16, 2012 – Kamstrup A/S and Tekla Corporation have developed a solution integrating Kamstrup’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) with Tekla’s distribution management system (DMS) to increase the amount of information utilities receive on their distribution networks.

The combined solution has already shown the value with a couple of common customers, where the systems have been integrated using a third part middleware software component.

“The integration between Kamstrup’s AMI and Tekla DMS is for us a real smart grid application,” commented Mats Håkansson, managing director at Mälerenergi, Elnät AB in Sweden. “The solution helps us tackle the challenges we are having in our distribution grid.”

So far utilities have had little insight into their distribution grid, which has prevented them from delivering the highest quality of service. The initiation of analysis and troubleshooting has been reliant on receiving feedback from customers. For this reason utilities have looked for solutions that can help them be proactive in relation to ensuring that voltage and frequency levels are kept within the acceptable limits and which can support the troubleshooting process.

Kamstrup’s smart grid components deliver all the necessary data about distribution grid health to the Tekla DMS, which is the tool for maintaining and supervising the switching state of the electricity distribution network and for managing both planned and unplanned outages.

The Kamstrup AMI, Tekla DMS integration architecture is based on web services; and the partnership between the two companies ensures that they align the models and services used to keep the integration effort to an absolute minimum.