Smart grid strategy for Scotland launched


Alex Salmond,
Scotland’s First
Aberdeen, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — May 28, 2012-05-27 – A smart grid strategy for Scotland has been launched setting out the vision for the country as “an exemplar in smart grid adoption and as a leading international provider of smart grid technologies and know-how.”

In so doing, it is envisaged to grow the sector by 12,000 jobs.

According to the strategy, Scotland is in an excellent position to capitalize on the opportunities which smart grids present, including having a strong reputation in relevant skill sets, a wide range of internationally significant test facilities, and key smart grid demonstrator and pilot projects already in progress.

The key market and technology opportunities are identified as:

  • New business models for supplying electricity and additional services
  • Customer energy management
  • Data acquisition, monitoring and analysis
  • Network automation and optimization
  • High voltage DC
  • Energy storage.

To achieve this strategic direction, it is proposed to develop and apply practical, pragmatic smart grid solutions, then build the industry, and develop the global reach of the sector. Six areas for action are proposed, including encouraging innovation, maximizing the impact of pilot and demonstrator projects in Scotland, empowering consumers by increasing awareness of how to manage energy consumption, developing the supply chain to seize opportunities, identifying skills requirements, and improving dialogue and engagement across the sector and with related sectors.

“Scotland is playing an important role in the emerging global low carbon economy, including pursuing a target to ensure renewable energy generates at least 100 percent of Scotland’s electricity demand by 2020,” commented first minister Alex Salmond at the launch of the strategy. “The development of smart grid technologies and services will be an important part of this green energy drive – and an important opportunity for Scottish businesses and research institutions.”

The 2020 U.K. market for customer energy management products and services has been estimated at £1.5 billion. An indicative value for the 2020 UK network automation and optimization market is £1 billion. Scotland is well-positioned to capture a “significant share” of these market segments, according to a statement.

The strategy was developed by the Smart Grid Strategy Working Group comprised of Scottish Power, SSE, Strathclyde University, GE Energy, Cisco and Scottish Enterprise.
The next step will be to develop a detailed action plan for Scotland, for which the Working Group is being expanded to ensure wider representation and involvement of the sector. The co-chairs of the Group are Stewart Reid of SSE and Martin Hill from Scottish Power.