Trilliant and Bit Stew team up to offer better grid automation

“Now the Spanish [smart meter ] roll-out is in its advanced phases, and the meters’ real-time data is already available, best practice solutions for data management to improve the analytic readiness of the system are of high interest,” says DNV GL’s new report Smart Grid Data Communication: Accelerating results in Spain.

The report continues: “The presence of this data opens up many new opportunities for Spanish utilities to move from just a smart meter network to a fully operated smart grid, utilising the available usage data to offer additional (secure) services and enable consumers to optimise their electricity consumption.”

“Spain’s next generation smart meter pilots were deployed in 2010, and were followed by massive roll-outs in 2011. As of today, more than 3 million smart meters using DLMS over PRIME are installed for Spanish residential customers.

“The commercial use and consumer billing based on the smart meter networks are also ongoing for a large portion of the deployed meters. As a result of the Spanish government energy reformation (2014 Q1), the constant electricity price for households was eliminated. Consumers with smart meters will pay the market price at every given hour of the day.”

The report reviews the Spanish market’s smart meter rollout, and explores how the SG DataCom Lab accelerated results for local players before concluding with a view of what’s in store for the smart metering world in the future.