Viesgo signs with Siemens for smart meter data management


Siemens will integrate its EnergyIP Smart Grid application platform in the Spanish utility’s electricity distribution system. The technology is expected to improve Viesgo’s smart meter data acquisition and processing.

The solutions provider claims its solution will enable Viesgo to improve its customer service to some 700,000 consumers.

The technology is expected to help the utility use smart meter data effectively to develop new business strategies such as time-of-use energy pricing and energy efficiency programmes.

Viesgo said it will use the solution to provide services in the smart home and energy prepaid services as well to make informed decisions in investing in distributed power generation.

In addition, the technology and smart meters are expected to help Viesgo improve the efficiency of its grid infrastructure and reduce its task management costs through increased low-voltage load management.

[quote] The project falls under efforts by the Spanish utility in modernising its grid infrastructure by employing the latest technology on the market to meet growing customer, grid and environmental requirements.

By its ability to retrieve data from different sources, combine it, and convert it into more precise consumption information, EnergyIP will help Viesgo to accurately forecast  its load demand and improve personalised relationships with its customers.

Smart meter adoption

The news follows an announcement made by one of Spain’s largest electricity utilities, Iberdrola, which has installed over 8 million smart meters.

In a release, the utility said the eight million smart meters were installed within the framework of project STAR (Remote Grid Management and Automation System), which the company is implementing in the 10 autonomous regions where it has power distribution networks.

The STAR initiative is due to end in 2018 and represents an overall investment of over 2 billion euros.

The utility claimed that it has become “one of the world’s most advanced companies in terms of smart grid infrastructure thanks to the high volume of installed and connected smart meters.” [E.ON and Siemens partner for improved German smart metering]

In addition to the smart meters, Iberdrola has also adapted some 48,000 transformation centres throughout Spain by incorporating remote management, monitoring and automation capacities.


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