Smart meter: Deals for 4.6 million smart meters signed in Netherlands

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Four individual contracts have been signed for the supply of a total of 4,6 million smart meters in the Netherlands

Dutch utilities Alliander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra have signed major deals for the delivery of smart meters.  Iskraemeco, the smart metering providers based in Slovenia, entered into agreements to deliver a minimum of 1.6 million smart electricity meters.

Potential extension of smart meter quantities is expected during the course of the project.

Grid operators Alliander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra manage 70% of the Dutch market. First smart meter deliveries are expected to start beginning of 2016.

Iskraemeco secured a partnership with Flonidan A/S, one of the leading smart gas meter manufacturers from Denmark, to deliver the desired dual fuel solution. Within the projects’ scope, Flonidan will install more than a million smart gas meters until 2020.

The signing of the contract clearly shows a future-oriented stance of the four utilities that agreed to follow these common objectives:

  1. Provide at least 80 per cent of all small-scale households with a Smart meter by 2021
  2. Maximise consumer satisfaction
  3. Minimise the total cost of ownership in the entire Smart Meter Supply Chain and Smart metering process
  4. Implement measures according to the Fair Meter principles.

Landis+Gyr sign 3 million smart meter deal in Holland

Meanwhile the same distribution grid operators have awarded Landis+Gyr contracts for the supply of a combined total of 3 million smart meters.

Gas and electricity smart meters will be supplied that are compliant with the smart meter SMR5 specification.

Smart meter rollout

According to Landis+Gyr: “The majority of the meters will be rolled out in the time period from 2016 – 2020. The project may be prolonged until the end of 2026. At the end of this project, the majority of Dutch households will be equipped with a smart electricity meter and a smart gas meter.”

The smart meters will be equipped with a communications port that allows the smart meter to communicate into the home and will display information on an in-home display or connect with a home energy management system.

Says Oliver Iltisberger, executive vice president Landis+Gyr EMEA, “Alliander, Stedin, Delta and Westland have joined forces to bring benefits to the Dutch consumers.”

Alliander and Stedin say that the choice to launch a joint tender was taken because both parties share the same vision to organise a large-scale roll-out project and the choice for CDMA 450 as their communication technology.