Smart meter deals: Aidon in Norway, Atos in Serbia


In smart meter deal news, in Europe, Norwegian utilities’ alliance Netalliansen has announced it has contracted suppliers to create a central reading system for collecting meter data. 

In July this year Netalliansen entered into a deal with IT solutions developer Embriq for the delivery of a new automated electricity metering system based on Aidon technology.

According to a statement, the deal includes Embriq integrating its central operating application with Aidon-based technology which includes smart meters and RF-based communication solutions.

The integration will provide an advanced smart grid solution to some 165,000 consumer points covered by Nettalliansen’s electricity networks, Metering has learnt.

The solution will see all 26 energy distribution companies located throughout ten counties in Norway utilising a single central reading system for collection of meter data.

Nettalliansen has a total of 200.000 consumers across Norway.

Smart metering in Europe

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In other smart meter deal news, in Eastern Europe on Tuesday, Atos engaged in a contract with Serbian state owned utility EPS as lead partner in the first phase of the utility smart metering rollout.

According to a statement, the deal is part of the Serbian government’s initiative to fully modernise its electricity distribution infrastructure.

The country is also complying with the EU Energy Efficiency’s directive to equip at least 80% of consumers with smart metering systems by 2020.

By incorporating the solution based on Atos Smart Grid Suite in grid, EPS will improve its billing system, efficiency power distribution and management, and reduce distribution operation costs, Metering has learnt.

The deal includes the supply of smart meters to some 261,000 out of utility’s 3.3 million consumer points in Serbia’s five regions by the end of 2017.

Sagemcom, EWG and Hexing will partner with Atos in managing the project including supply and installation of 2,200 gateways, five advanced metering management systems and one data management system.

Atos will utilise its G3 PLC-based smart metering software in monitoring and managing the infrastructure to support the new smart meters enabling adoption of grid system to regulatory changes in future.