Smart Meter: Meters and More appoints test house


contatore_244x235 Meters and More today announced the appointment of CESI S.p.A as the first accredited test house for Meters and More products.

The international association maintains and promotes the communication protocol Meters and More, that enables bidirectional data transfer in an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.

The Meters and More Technical Committee for product Certification (TCC) appointed CESI thanks to the positive results achieved by the lab’s proposal in the evaluation procedure.

At it’s latest meeting, the Meters and More Board of Directors ratified the TCC resolution nominating CESI as the first accredited test house to certify Meters and More devices.

Test house for certification

“The appointment of its first test house represents a major step forward for the Association. It is also the most important goal reached by the TCC since it’s kick off meeting in May 2011, and represents the culmination of year’s of work invested in drafting, tuning, improving the specifications, procedures and testing process for certification,” said Mr Giacomo Gargano, Director General of the Association.

Earlier this year, the TCC released the first version of the Meters and More Testing Tool – a high performing, semi-automatic testing tool available to accredited providers to support the full range of certification tests described in the Meters and More Testing Specification.

The TCC is working to improve the certification procedures, specifications and tools as it continues to roll out its compliance and interoperability program to help utilities and device manufacturers move to a new generation communication solution between the meter and end-customer devices; and to develop Meters and More compatible communication technologies for smart city applications.