Smart meter pilot project for the Netherlands


Nisse, The Netherlands — (METERING.COM) — September 18, 2007 – Delta Netwerkbedrijf, Delta Comfort and Evides recently announced the start of a smart metering pilot, and 260 homes will be fitted with gas, water and electricity meters from various vendors in order to test Delta’s multi-utility approach.

Netinium® Meter Information Manager™ (MiM™) will play a key role in this pilot, acting as the central access server to securely access and manage the meters and to provide a rich set of services to support key utility processes such as billing, supplier switch and remote connect/disconnect.

This pre-NTA 8130 phase of the smart metering pilot has been designed to validate different communication technologies (including PLC and Delta’s cable network) and metering products from multiple meter vendors, including Iskraemeco, Sagem, Flonidan and Actaris. The NTA 8130 is a new Dutch standard specifically designed for mass smart metering in The Netherlands and describes the minimum functionality for smart meters. It is part of the legislation regarding the mass roll-out of smart meters to every home in the Netherlands.

As a key element in this pilot Netinium MiM provides the key services to install, operate and maintain the multi-vendor smart metering infrastructure and enable Delta’s business processes to securely and uniformly interact with the smart meters, irrespective of meter type and brand.

Jan Dees, Project leader of Delta says: “We’re delighted to work with Netinium. Delta is a true multi-utility, delivering triple play services to more then 200,000 customers. Multi-vendor multi-utility smart metering with such rich feature sets as demanded in the NTA 8130 is a real challenge. Netinium MiM offers a dramatic reduction of complexity in accessing our smart metering infrastructure and enables us to service our customers from one common platform. We believe that Netinium is a crucial factor for our Pilot.”

Delta’s smart metering pilot is divided into different phases. This first phase will run through the first quarter of 2008. Following this, decisions will be made as to which meters and IT systems will be used, followed by a second testing phase. The second testing phase will also include a thorough test of the NTA requirements. Delta NV aims to start with a large-scale rollout by the end of 2008 or early 2009, whereby each of Delta’s 200.000 domestic households will receive three new smart meters.