Smart meter rollout with multi-billing in Denmark


Northern Jutland, Denmark — (METERING.COM) — December 2, 2008 – Alborg, Denmark utility HEF Net has concluded an agreement with meter manufacturer Kamstrup to supply almost 70,000 smart meters and wireless solutions from January 1, 2009, through December 31, 2011.

With this new fleet of meters and the wireless communication HEF Net wishes to go safely into the future and strengthen its position as a business with high customer service performance.

Per Frederiksen, head of department at HEF Net, expresses great expectations in the system. “We wanted to make a lasting investment. The technology in this field develops day by day, but these smart meters and the wireless communication system ensures us a cutting edge of modern billing.”

One of the possibilities of the system is multi-billing. Besides electricity meters the remote reading system also manages data from water and heat meters that only need to be integrated in a radio network. HEF Net considers it an obvious business opportunity to offer meter reading to water suppliers and heat utilities as well. In addition the frequent and precise data will enable the company to provide a professional energy consulting service.