Smart meter security: 43 areas of concerns (by ethical hackers)


“Metering assets are threatened by a multitude of threat actors,” states a new white paper by German cyber protection company Compass Security AG. 

Titled ‘Smart Meter Controls‘, the paper continues: “Smart meters will of course inherit all physical threats [as with traditional electricity meters] but will additionally be threatened by information security issues due to the various available interfaces and communication links.”

Released in Paris at the aptly named Hack event in June 2014, the research identifies 43 controls or “areas of concern” and uses the OCTAVE Allegro method to assess the risk of each. 

Are your meters well protected?

The paper states:“Although the study is very much tailored to the analysis of wireless metering protocols, the listed controls provide a good starting point for any government, metering company, utility or meter manufacturer to verify their guidelines and meters’ protection level.”

Compass Security is an ethical hacking and penetration testing company based in Germany and Switzerland.