Smart metering for Stadtwerke Emden


Emden, Germany — (METERING.COM) — August 25, 2010 – Emden municipal utility Stadtwerke Emden and Deutsche Telekom are equipping a new housing development in the area with an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for gas and electricity.

Deutsche Telekom is equipping the new development in Emden-Wolthusen with the infrastructure for the smart meters, while over the next few weeks Stadtwerke Emden will install around 200 gas and electricity smart meters in 100 households. Deutsche Telekom is providing the data connection and installing a communications box and will transmit the data via DSL to Stadtwerke Emden, which in the future will provide customers with their current usage on a secure internet portal.

Deutsche Telekom’s communications box is normally located in the building connection room and collects the consumption data of the meters connected to it. Stadtwerke Emden will query the power consumption every 15 minutes and the gas consumption every hour.

“We compared several providers and decided on Deutsche Telekom because we could receive the entire service from a single source,” said Remmer Edzards, managing director of Stadtwerke Emden. “We are now conducting a customer survey to assess the general interest in this new technology. Initial results from discussions apparently show that a large number of electricity and gas customers want to know how they can actively reduce their energy consumption using intelligent meters.”

If this assessment is confirmed, Stadtwerke Emden plans to install smart meters in other residential areas.