Smart metering solution launched


Paris, France — (METERING.COM) — June 19, 2008 – Telecoms company Alcatel-Lucent has announced a new smart metering solution aimed at the utility market, which will enable utilities to give customers detailed information about their personal energy consumption, educating them on efficient electricity use and thereby reducing their environmental footprint.

The solution is not limited to electrical energy but can be adapted to include water and gas meters.

Since the European Union issued a directive in 2006, asking for energy metering to be installed in households wherever possible, Alcatel-Lucent has been addressing the needs of this new market. The smart metering technology encourages a more efficient use of energy and establishes improved tariff models. The company expects to see a reduction of the load on utility companies’ power networks, enabling resources to be coordinated with the requisite power.

The scalable data processing system, based on the company’s Open Service Platform (OSP) provides meter reading, meter management, infrastructure and data management. The solution also provides many features and interfaces, enabling a range of meters to be monitored. Data can be sent every hour and be used for analysis, forecasting and to apply various rates.

Network management functions, such as alarm handling, monitoring and configuration are available along with the provisioning of data such as customers names, addresses, tariffs and meter identities. Data for consumer billing is sent via an interface to the energy providers systems and customers can receive consumption information via a secure web site.