Smart metering solutions cut energy consumption


Darwen, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — July 24, 2007 – bglobal. a U.K.-based energy management company, has been able to help its customers cut energy costs by introducing smart meters – and the resulting near real-time information has eliminated estimated bills too.

Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water, which supplies around 500,000 homes in the south of England, had to rely on ‘guesstimated’ energy bills due to the remote location of many of its 36 water pumping stations and other sites. The smart meter technology provided by bglobal and installed by Western Power Distribution has allowed the utility to monitor where and when energy is being consumed, and use the information to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

Until smart metering was introduced, meters at smaller sites were read manually, if at all. Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water’s operations manager (Supply) Richard Barton found it difficult to budget accurately.

Now, half hourly data is sent to bglobal’s website via the GSM/GRPS network, and the water company also receives regular reports allowing it to track peaks and troughs to pinpoint where savings can be made.

Barton said: "Seeing such detailed reports of our energy usage was extremely useful. While we had detailed data on some of the larger sites, the smaller ones were a bit of a mystery – seeing half hourly reports showed us where and when energy was being used.

"Quite simply, the smart meters have changed the way we think about energy consumption at our smaller sites and have allowed us to budget properly and operate more efficiently. Now, we can monitor where and why peaks are happening, and change our usage patterns to make efficiency and cost savings.

"I would estimate that we’ve made up to 10 per cent saving on power costs at some of our sites. Also, we were manually reading at some of the sites and this was simply taking too much time and too much manpower – so we’ve also saved on admin costs."

Bglobal offers a unique end-to-end fully accredited smart metering solution with data collection/data aggregation and meter operation services, by manufacturing, installing, reading and operating smart meters. The company has also helped Comet, an electrical specialist with 250 stores in the U.K., to cut its energy consumption by 14 per cent over the past four years, and to accurately budget for the energy used.

Before the smart meters were introduced meter reads were done manually every six months. The new meters are now remotely read every month, and bglobal provides energy supplier npower with the meter readings, allowing the utility to send out accurate and timely bills.

Comet’s energy manager Greg Robinson says that the data from the smart meters has enabled the company to understand its energy usage better. Each store is monitored individually, and store managers have been made responsible for improving their store’s energy efficiency, which reduces both energy costs and the company’s carbon footprint.