Alliander commissions 2 million smart gas and electricity meters
Alliander commissions 2 million smart gas and electricity meters
The Netherlands aims to deploy smart electricity and gas meters to 80% of consumers by 2020

In the Netherlands, gas and electricity distribution company Alliander NV has awarded Dutch metering company Royal Imtech a long-term contract for smart electricity and gas meters.

Alliander, which has a service area of 3.3 million customers, issued the intention to award notification yesterday with the initial contract estimated is “some tens of millions of Euros”, according to Nasdaq.

Imtech will supply more than two million meters split into two batches.

As the main contractor for the first phase, Imtech Traffic & Infra (Unit Energy) will be responsible for the customer process right through to the exchange of the electricity and gas meters, including installation and customer contact.

The energy service provider based in Gouda will kick start the rollout from April 2015 with deployment of meters starting from October 2015 and running through to 2020.

The second phase of meters will be installed between 2021 to 2023, according to the report.

Meeting European smart meters targets

Alliander said the replacement of gas and electricity meters brings the energy supplier in line with the Dutch target of replacing 80% of the meter stock by 2020.

The company said it had decided to take advantage of the large-scale offer in order to carry out updates in the meter box alongside the installation of the smart meters.

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