SMART meters could save billions


Lembit Öpik,
MP, Liberal
London, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — July 19, 2007 – The Liberal Democrat party in the U.K. has highlighted figures showing that new smart electricity meters will reduce the average household energy bill by between £60-£80 ($120-$160) a year. This would equate to a national saving of a total of £1.9 billion ($3.9 billion) as well as 5.6 billion tonnes of CO2. The announcement follows the Labour government’s confirmation of trials to test the devices.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Secretary, Lembit Öpik MP said: “Rather than wasting time with unnecessary trials, the Government should get on with the job of rolling them out across the country now.

“It is obvious that smart meters cut costs and carbon usage in the home, by making it much easier for people to grasp the true extent of their energy usage.

“With this device, any home can reduce its energy bills – because the smart meter does the bit you can’t see – calculating the actual energy usage at any given time. You just have to turn off equipment which might otherwise be left to run. It’s simple but it really does work.

“Energy companies should show their commitment to cutting energy use, by helping all households to install smart meters as soon as possible. A roll out period that could take ten years is just too long.

“If used nationwide, these devices could significantly help to reduce Britain’s future domestic energy needs. That will save tons of carbon and tons of money. It’s a common sense solution, and now is the time to give the green light to this green imitative.”