Smart meters GB: E.ON offers smart prepaid, delayed billing for Ovo customers

E.ON estimates that changing from standard prepaid meters to smart units will save households an average of GBP67 a year

In smart meters GB news, E.ON, one of the Big Six energy suppliers, is giving customers with prepaid meters the chance to switch to smart meters and pay less.

E.ON’s Smart Pay As You Go scheme will offer households with prepaid meters the same tariffs as post-paid households, which it claims makes bills GBP67 cheaper on average than its closest prepayment competitor.

E.ON is offering smart prepaid meters to its first 30,000 existing customers who sign up to the pilot scheme, although is likely to be rolled out fully in 2016.

E.ON customers will be able to top up using a mobile device app, online or over the phone, rather than paying cash at their local shop.

Smart meter communications

In other UK smart meters news, energy supplier Ovo is contending with media interest following an estimated 5,400 customers reporting they are unable to view or pay their bills.

The smart meters are reported to be functional but “teething issues” with the communication technology means some customers are receiving delayed bills, said Ovo.

Selling off gas meters

And lastly, power transmission and distribution company National Grid is looking to shed its 17 million gas meters business in a bid to raise GBP1 billion to fund investment.

National Grid, which owns and runs much of Britain’s electricity network and is the largest owner of domestic gas meters, is believed to view the business as surplus to requirements, reported UK newspaper The Sunday Times at the weekend.

It also owns four regional gas distribution companies, which supply 11m customers.

There has long been speculation that it could sell these to concentrate on its core electricity network.