Smart meters Lithuania: ADD GRUP wins place in pilot

In Eastern Europe, Lithuania's national distribution system operator has awarded a smart meter pilot to a consortium of UAB Tecnolines, SIA Elko and ADD-Production S.R.L.

ESO, which serves 1.6 million customers throughout Lithuania, awarded the contract following an international tendering process.

The DSO said in a statement last week that the purpose of pilot is to analyze the cost-benefit of smart meter deployments in Lithuania.

The consortium will supply 3,600 smart meters as well as part of the ADDAX IMS advanced metering infrastructure system.

The main communication will be based on PRIME PLC, with potential use of cellular communication.

The utility, which manages electricity supply and distribution, natural gas distribution, said the pilot project is being implemented by Lithuania’s commitment to the European Commission (EC) to test smart metering.

Depending on the results of the project, the company will decide whether to take the massive introduction of smart meters, according to a report.

Director general of ESO Liudas Liutkevičius said: “Smart meters will open up new opportunities for both our clients and our professionals,” as quoted by

ESO is controlled by state-owned ‘Lietuvos Energija’, one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic States.

ADD GRUP in Eastern Europe

Meanwhile, ADDAX IMS, developed by ADD GRUP, has gained a presence in Eastern Europe through pilot smart meter projects in Poland, Latvia and Slovakia.

In December 2015, Polish distribution system operator PGE Dystrybucja awarded a contract for 50,000 smart meters to a consortium of ADD GRUP companies.

The Polish DSO, which has a customer base of 5.2 million customers, has contracted ADD Polska, ADD Production and ADD Bulgaria to supply the meters for a pilot project in Białystok, a city in northeastern Poland, and Łódź, the third largest city in the country.  

In a statement, ADD GRUP said PGE Dystrybucja is running the pilot on about 1% of its metering base in a bid to determine the impact on reducing operational costs and improving the quality of power supply.

And in Lativa in 2014, Baltic electricity services company Latvenergo and installation company ELKO agreed to deploy ADDAX IMS advanced metering infrastructure system (AMI) to cover up to 100,000 customers.

ADD GRUP, which has already deployed 420,000 meters for Energa Operator in Poland, will supply Latvenergo with an end-to-end solution covering smart meters, data concentrators and head-end software.