Smart meters Norway: Kamstrup scores with 100k deal

smart meters Norway
Smart meters Norway: Danish metering company Kamstrup has picked up several contracts this year with Norwegian power utility consortia

In Scandinavia, an alliance of Norwegian power utilities has selected Kamstrup to deliver 100,000 smart electricity meters as the country gears up to meet European Union targets for advanced metering penetration.

AMS Nord, which represents six utilities in the Troms and Finnmark regions of Norway, has instructed Kamstrup to begin installation in 2016 as part of  a two-year deployment.

The alliance will carry out a pilot project in the six supply areas in the second and third quarter of 2016, which will include between 1,000 and 2,000 metering points, according to a statement.

AMS Nord will use the OMNIA Suite solution from Kamstrup, which comprises smart electricity meters and a communication system between the meters and the central data collection system.

The pilot project will then be evaluated before the roll out of 100,000 new smart meters in the third quarter of 2016.

When questioned about its choice of metering vendor, Per-Erik Ramstad, manager of the AMS Nord Steering Committee, said Kamstrup distinguished themselves by competitive prices as well as by the quality of the smart meters and the data collection system.

Kamstrup scores again

The news follows several wins for Danish metering manufacturer Kamstrup as Norway gears up to meet European Union targets for smart metering coverage.

In August 2015, four Norwegian power utilities ordered 50,000 meters from manufacturer Kamstrup for a smart meter rollout.

And earlier in the year, the metering company signed agreements with several other utilities including Energi Nett, Smart Strøm Nordvest and Dalane Energi.

As part of a larger deal, in March 2015, DONG Energy awarded Kamstrup a tender for one million remotely read electricity meters worth €239m.

Smart meters Norway – data

In preparation for the smart meters Norway rollout, an alliance representing 26 energy distribution companies has contracted suppliers to create a central reading system for collecting meter data. 

In July this year Netalliansen entered into a deal with IT solutions developer Embriq for the delivery of a new automated electricity metering system based on Aidon technology.

According to a statement, the deal includes Embriq integrating its central operating application with Aidon-based technology, which includes smart meters and RF-based communication solutions.

The integration will provide an advanced smart grid solution to some 165,000 consumer points covered by Nettalliansen’s electricity networks, Metering has learnt.

The solution will see all 26 energy distribution companies located throughout ten counties in Norway utilising a single central reading system for collection of meter data.