E.ON Sweden trials CyanConnode smart meters tech


Under the smart meters pilot, CyanConnode will integrate its Panmesh solution as part of E.ON’s grid network in the Swedish city of Hyllie in Malmo district.

The Panmesh solution includes gateways to provide connectivity of some 400 smart meters to be tested under the project.

Smart meters pilot deployment

In a combined statement, E.ON said it plans to test the ability of CyanConnode’s network to provide connectivity of a number of IoT applications including smart lighting control, environmental sensors and waste management.

The utility firm is planning to expand its smart meters pilot and energy business to provide smart city services in Sweden.

Currently, E.ON is providing power, gas and heat services to some 1 million consumers in Sweden.

Thomas Pehrsson, E.ON project manager, said the utility’s partnership with CyanConnode falls under efforts to “ … supplying energy-efficient solutions and helping our customers and their communities become more sustainable.”

The smart meters will ensure E.ON accurately bills its customers and improve its management of grid networks through the provision of real-time data on events happening within its grid systems.

In addition to its contract with E.ON, CyanConnode said it signed EUR 230,000 deal with energy management solutions provider Landis+Gyr for the provision of its CE smart meters.

CyanConnode’s C3 smart meters will be deployed in Finland as from the first quarter of 2017.

The CyanConnode deal with Landis+Gyr follows previous contracts signed for provision and installation of C3 smart meters by a Finnish utility since 2009.

E.ON in the UK

In the UK, E.ON partnered with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to expand its workforce and meet the UK government’s smart meter rollout targets of deploying 53 million units by 2020.

The utility firm said it will be assisted by the DWP to recruit 500 new smart meter technicians who will assist the company in meeting the UK smart meter rollout target.

The smart meter technicians will be recruited using DWP’s Smart Sector Based Work Academy.

The Smart Sector Based Work Academy identifies unemployed individuals, equips them with technical skills and connects them with firms requiring their specific skills.

The Academy will equip shortlisted candidates with knowledge on how E.ON operates, smart meter installation skills, health and safety training, customer service and interview preparation skills before they are fully employed as smart meter installers at E.ON in January 2017. [E.ON start-up helps cities to capitalise on IoT].

Tony Cocker, CEO at E.ON UK, said: “The utilities sector needs to continue to attract, employ and train new talent to tackle workforce renewal and skills challenges, and this programme is a positive example of the energy industry and government working together to support this goal.

The 500 smart meter installer posts adds to the 250 smart meters installers and 400 customer service jobs which E.ON announced in the first quarter of 2016.


Image credit: www.energypresseu.com.