Smart meters trialed in the U.K.


David Cowans,
Group Chief


for People
Milton Keynes, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — July 16, 2007 – Last year a large property group in the U.K. began a pilot project to examine whether the introduction of smart meters would enable householders to save energy, and results to date indicate that users have been able to reduce their electricity bills by 13-15 per cent. In monetary terms this equates to a saving of £60 – £80 ($120 – $160) per household per year.

The Electrisave meters have a portable monitor that allows users to manage their electricity consumption in a currency they understand – pounds and pence. The device combines a simple clip-on sensor, which can be installed in any household or office meter box, and the portable monitor. The monitor displays how much electricity is being used in real time in pence per hour, and is sensitive enough to record the savings made by switching off even a 20 watt light.

The monitor also shows users how much carbon dioxide they are emitting – an average of 233 kg per year.

David Cowans, Chief Executive of the housing company, Places for People, said: “More action from suppliers is needed to improve energy efficiency amongst customers. With rising prices and concerns over the environment, it is imperative that people understand more about how they consume energy and how much it is costing them.

“By installing smart meters, Places for People customers will be able to get clearer information about their energy consumption. This will give them more control and choice in their consumption and by taking simple steps, such as not leaving appliances on standby; they will be able to save hundreds of pounds whilst helping protect the environment.”