Smart phone for meter readers


Telepartner Systems is promoting the Panasonic CF-P2 handheld smart phone for ServiceNet, its web-based mobile service solution. ServiceNet is a pay-as-you-go web service for organisations requiring a mobile field service solution, offering a low cost of entry and a fully managed service for an affordable monthly fee. The Panasonic CF-P2 is a rugged, lightweight palm-sized device that runs Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition and offers full GSM/GPRS mobile network connectivity, plus Bluetooth and WAN. Users can choose between a familiar phone keypad with T9 predictive text input and a ‘soft’ onscreen keyboard using the included stylus for input. Battery life is sufficient for a typical user’s working day.

ServiceNet users can configure their own field applications using a simple browser interface. The only up-front capital costs are the purchase of the mobile device supplied to each engineer.