SPIA to drive delivery of new energy pathway in UK


Supported by some of the UK’s leading energy organisations, in partnership with past and present Energy Ministers, the SPIA aims to put consumers at the heart of the UK energy policy.

Launched in Parliament this week, the SPIA will create new markets for new technologies and services.

The following bodies are currently part of the Alliance:

  • Association for Decentralised Energy
  • Energy Networks Association
  • Energy UK
  • National Grid
  • Renewable Energy Association
  • RenewableUK
  • Scottish Renewables
  • SmarterUK
  • Solar Trade Association
  • The Electricity Storage Network

Charles Hendry, Chair of the SPIA, said: “The size and breadth of SPIA reflects consensus across the power sector that the future of energy is smart.

“This is a long-term change programme, so we will be working together to ensure smart power has cross party support and that it remains at the top of the energy agenda.”

“We want to explain the huge environmental, social and economic benefits to the public, and to help ensure these benefits are accessible to all in the new era of smart energy. Many people are already generating their own power and engaging with smart applications, but smart power has the potential to transform all our lives for the better, in ways that are creating real excitement today.”

The Alliance supports and is calling for support of these five key principles:

  1. Consumers must be at the heart of energy policy; enable businesses and  households to play a role in the nation’s energy system, for them to  choose and benefit from the smart transition
  2. Facilitate the creation of new markets for smart services; new markets for smart services must ensure that all participants, including newer innovative, flexible technologies, can compete on fair and equal terms
  3. A whole system approach must be taken to smart energy; create incentives for the heat, transport and power sectors to work together to deliver decarbonization at best value to consumers
  4. Smart power transition to be accelerabed; provide consistent policy & regulatory direction, in line with the Government’s carbon objectives, to promote investor confidence
  5. Smart power must be central Industrial strategy; key sectors to be incentivised to invest in smart technologies, in order to maximize the benefits for the economy.