‘Smart’ retrofit module for upgrading meter deployments from Cyan


A ‘smart’ module that can be retrofitted to exiting static meter deployments to provide smart meter functionality has been launched by Cyan Holdings plc.

The CyLec retrofit module is designed to support utilities that want to rollout a smart metering program into its installed base quickly and cost effectively.

The module is in a small self-contained box (75mm x 50mm x 50mm) that connects to an installed meter via a cable to an existing communications interface on the meter. It includes Cyan’s standard communications module and provides an upgrade of ‘dumb’ meters to Cyan’s CyLec communication platform enabling walk-by automated meter reading (AMR), a point-to-point solution that reads the meters collectively using meter reading instrument (MRI).

With the addition of data concentrator units, the wireless solution can be migrated to full advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technology. The data from each meter is collated on the concentrator and sent to the CyLec server that interfaces with a meter data management system. The AMI solution provides informative data to the utility such as meter readings and tamper event logs.

The module supports sub GHz frequencies and is optimized for range and data communications. Cyan’s dedicated electricity metering solution enables meters to be deployed in urban and rural areas as previously proven in many trials in India.

“This new module allows utilities get useful and actionable information from their existing infrastructure,” said John Cronin, Cyan’s executive chairman. “This is a great solution for utilities in emerging countries looking to quickly and cost effectively rollout a smart meter solution to maximise return from existing assets.”