‘SmartZone’ smart city demo from abertis telecom and Paradox Engineering


Novazzano, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — December 1, 2011 – The SmartZone initiative is being developed as a demo area for new smart grid and smart city solutions by abertis telecom and Paradox Engineering at the former’s main site in Barcelona.

By sharing their expertise and know-how, the two companies have conceived several solutions to be implemented in the SmartZone, with modular technologies providing a unified communication platform to enable innovative applications for smart metering, remote control of energy distribution networks, water management and street lighting management.
All solutions leverage abertis telecom’s capabilities in providing telecommunication infrastructures and services, and Paradox Engineering’s PE.AMI platform for remote control, M2M, data collection and two-ways communications.

The three main proofs-of-concept that will be featured are:

  • Advanced meter reading – visitors will learn how to cost effectively manage energy services including gas, electricity and water distribution networks. This solution is based on a wireless mesh network and allows utilities and multi-utilities to monitor and collect information coming from any type of meter (water, gas, electricity) or data generated from devices such as thermostats, sensors, actuators, etc.
  • Lighting management – the operation of street lighting absorbs a significant amount of electricity, so its optimization can result in significant savings while improving quality of service. This application demonstrates how to control and manage from remote the output of light grids and even of single lamps in public areas (streets, car parks, government buildings) or commercial environments (sheds, office buildings, factories).
  • Irrigation management – effective water management is particularly important to avoid wastes and reduce irrigation costs. This proof-of-concept shows how to monitor data coming from water meters and how to remotely control pipes and sprinklers, enabling a smooth device management and advanced data correlation which allows the implementation of advanced usage models and proactive adaptation to specific conditions.

“We’re really pleased to work with abertis telecom being able to show customers and prospects the successful results of the new SmartZone in Barcelona, where they can live a hands-on experience and learn more about our smart technologies and innovative applications for smart cities,” stated Gianni Minetti, president and CEO of Paradox Engineering.

Beyond the collaboration around the SmartZone, abertis telecom and Paradox Engineering will continue to work together to develop solutions, primarily targeting Spanish and European customers.