Solid state gas metering technology attracts attention


Tom Fryers,
Commercial Director,
Cambridge, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — December 6, 2006 – Sentec, a research organization specializing in the utility metering sector, launched its low cost solid state gas metering technology in October – and manufacturers representing 80 per cent of the European and North American markets have already expressed interest in reaching licensing deals.

The technology, known as Lattice, uses a new measurement principle that eliminates the need for moving parts and enables smart functionality, but will cost no more than a traditional mechanical meter. Its potential to add value for customers and give utilities a competitive edge is great – for example, it can ‘learn’ patterns of consumption and alert customers to problems indicated by a change in the pattern.

“Lattice technology enables a low cost meter that is highly flexible,” says Tom Fryers, Commercial Director of Sentec. “Companies can build highly sophisticated meters that offer cost saving services such as remote meter reading and switching between prepayment [pay-as-you-go] and credit arrangements. As a Lattice meter already has a microprocessor, the extra cost of these sophistications is minimal. Lattice also makes detecting and dealing with meter tampering much simpler, providing direct alerts and evidence back to the supplier.

“With increasing international focus on CO2 emissions and security of gas supplies, and the resulting need to influence customer behavior to reduce gas consumption, we believe Lattice has arrived at a very opportune time for the industry.”