Solid state gas metering technology

Cambridge development company Sentec has announced it will demonstrate a new solid state gas metering technology at Metering Europe 2006 in October. Named Lattice, the technology offers the advantages of solid state measuring technology at a cost that compares with traditional mechanical meters. A solid state gas meter can provide a platform for a variety of value-adding features such as AMR, AMM, tamper alerts, automatic safety cut-offs, load profiling, TOU metering and measures to influence customer behaviour. To achieve this, Lattice uses a measurement technique which is new to the gas metering market, although it has been widely adopted in other markets and is at the core of common household products. Prototypes of the patented technology show a high level of accuracy over a wide range of flow rates, with low power consumption. Many European markets are examining the potential of smart metering for gas, driven by a number of factors such as rising wholesale gas prices, requirements for higher accuracy or longer meter life, and AMR.