Solution covers entire chain of value-added activities


Advantis by Landis+Gyr is a single solution that covers the entire chain of value-added activities from the meter to the billing system. It provides infrastructure for two-way, end-to-end communication to support business processes. Landis+Gyr has applied published standards at all levels to ensure future interoperability with the components of other producers. The modular design of the components and software provides for continuous functional enhancement of the solution in the future.

The company’s ZMF flex meters are used at the metering point and are equipped with an interchangeable communication module. Depending on network topology and on the availability of telecommunications services, either PLC or GPRS/GSM is used. In the case of PLC, the meter communicates with a data concentrator located in the low voltage network. The concentrator manages its meters, stores metering data, and is scanned by the control centre either periodically or sporadically.

If a GPRS/GSM module is used in the meter, it is scanned directly by the control centre. Data validation, accounting, reporting and network management are performed at the control centre. High performance interfaces provide for trouble-free data exchange with the billing system.