Sonnenbatterie launches virtual solar+storage network


The new SonnenCommunity platform will allow distributed battery owners to connect with owners of PV systems. This will enable both parties to share and trade their aggregated solar power, according to PV Magazine.

The German battery storage and renewable energy specialist is also seeking to deliver low-cost electricity from 2016.

PV magazine adds that the surplus energy generated as a result of the virtual pool of PV arrays and solar systems can be divided between members. Excess power could then be sold on the wholesale market.

Sonnenbatterie chief sales officer Philipp Schröder added that the company’s batteries will be charged when wholesale electricity prices are in “negative territory”, which will allow customers to save on VAT.

The new virtual network community concept will be rolled out to existing and new Sonnenbatterie customers.

SonnenCommunity platform offer

Sonnenbatterie is reported to be offering its battery system at a discounted rate for new participants to the programme. A monthly fee will be charged to compete with electricity retail rates in Germany.

The company claims that through aggregated storage systems, greater levels of renewable integration will be enabled.

It is also using new software that can visualise aggregated storage in real time, and it intends to eventually integrate heating services onto the platform.

Schröder added that a pilot for the new platform will begin in Germany next year.

In the next phase of the project, Sonnenbatterie will look to incorporate rental properties, in which pooled renewable energy could be provided,

“We want to ensure that the sources of supply remain authentic and the customers receive green electricity that really is regionally produced,” concluded Schröder.