Southern Water hits 10,000 AMR water meter target


Worthing, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — March 29, 2011 – Southern Water’s five-year program to install automatic meter read (AMR) water meters for the majority of its customers across the southeast of England has reached its first 10,000 target.

The scheme to install more than 500,000 water meters across the company’s service area of Sussex, Kent and Hampshire was launched in 2010 and is due for completion in 2015.

In addition to the 10,000 new meters, an additional 2,800 old meters have been exchanged for the new meters, which also include a leak alarm.

Further, nearly 12,000 customers have chosen to have a water meter installed at their homes in advance of the metering program reaching their area.

“Our program to install water meters for our customers has got off to a good start and is a significant step forward in our long-term plans to secure water resources for the region, alongside tackling leakage and developing water resources,” commented Darren Bentham, director of Metering at Southern Water. “The response from our customers has been positive and we are working hard to learn lessons as the scheme progresses to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, both when the meters are installed and in the way we share information with our customers about metered bills and water and energy efficiency.”

The meters are being installed on a street-by-street basis and in addition to Southern Water advisors being on hand to answer customer queries about the new meters, the company stations mobile exhibition units in the areas where meters are being installed where customers are able to access further information.