Spain – consumers lack confidence in electric sector


Spanish utilities would appear to have some work to do, following a recent survey by Grayling, which suggests the country’s consumers lack confidence in their electric sector.

The survey, conducted during August among 453 Spaniards aged over 18 years, found that fewer than half felt that electric service price rises were a response to rising costs and an overwhelming 94% felt that prices did not relate to the real costs. Further only a third said they understood the breakdown of their bills, and while more than 40% admitting to knowing about the tariff deficit, only 17% believed in its existence.

Among other findings, more than half said they would be willing to pay more for generation from renewables, but only a third said they would be prepared to pay more for the closure of nuclear plants.

Regarding the behavior of electric sector companies, almost all felt there is little or no transparency or that their behavior is just. Most also felt they have little respect for the environment.

Most also felt the companies should turn over their books to the public auditor to determine their real costs to produce a kWh of electricity.

The respondents were fairly evenly divided between male and female and across the age groups.

View the full survey HERE.