Spain’s Libelium adds Sigfox to wireless sensor platform

Libelium and Radiocrafts are just two companies who's solutions are Sigfox certified. The Sigfox network is deployed in ten European countries and is expected to cover major US cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, by Q1 2016
Libelium and Radiocrafts are just two companies with Sigfox-certified solutions. The Sigfox network is deployed in 10 European countries and is expected to cover major US cities, including Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, by Q1 2016

In Europe, Spanish platform provider for IoT, smart city and machine-to-machine applications Libelium has added Sigfox capability to its open source wireless sensor platform Waspmote and its portfolio of wireless sensor devices.

The decision to add Sigfox wireless connectivity was aimed at speeding up the development of smart cities and Internet of Things projects, requiring low-energy, long-range wireless data transmission.

M2M WorldNews reports that the platform Waspmote now offers 12 connectivity options available off the shelf, and integrates more than 100 sensors.

David Gascón, Libelium CTO and co-founder, said: “Modularity, scalability, and interoperability are key to building the IoT.

“Specialized narrowband connectivity via Sigfox can give an immediate solution for many IoT and Smart Cities use cases, where wireless sensors need to be autonomous and transmit over long distances.”

Expansion through interoperability

Waspmote sensor devices are Sigfox-certified, ensuring performance where the Sigfox global network is available.

The module has subsequently been fully integrated into the Waspmote sensor platform and suite of encapsulated wireless sensor devices to offer easy network configuration for applications such as smart cities, environmental control or parking applications.

Stuart Lodge, EVP of global sales and partners at Sigfox, said: “We are deploying a global network that makes it simple to connect devices anywhere in the world—and monetise the data from those devices.”

In other Sigfox news, Norwegian provider of RF modules and wireless connectivity solutions Radiocrafts last week announced the release of its Sigfox-certified module for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

According to a company statement, Radiocraft’s Sigfox Ready radio module for IoT “has been certified to assure optimal connectivity performance on the Sigfox global network.”

The ultra-narrowband radio module affords adopters of  IoT  low-cost, low-power and out-of-the-box wireless connectivity for varied IoT applications, claimed the global cellular connectivity provider.

Peder Martin Evjen, managing director of Radiocrafts said: “The Sigfox approach is a complement to our existing offerings for low-power wireless solutions, with the benefit of using an existing infrastructure with wide area coverage.

He added: “Ultra-Narrow Band is a preferred radio technology for the global Internet of Things as it offers cost-effective and energy-efficient connectivity as well as robust coexistence”.