Spain’s Pozuelo municipality recognised for smart city project

Manchester Smart City
The smart city project includes the commissioning of four projects integrated into the SICE smart city platform. This includes intelligent irrigation in 11 parks and gardens in the district, over 900 smart parking spaces, public lighting and energy efficiency in the district Council House

In Europe, the municipality of Pozuelo, situated west of the Moncloa District of Madrid has been awarded the Socinfo Foundation’s Smart Cities 2015 Award as recognition for a project integrating smart irrigation, street lighting, energy efficiency and smart parking.

The Pozuelo Smart City project awarded for its efforts in achieving greater efficiency on energy savings and a more sustainable mobility, was presented by the Socinfo Foundation – an independent publisher of magazines about Information Technology and Communication that inform society about the latest innovations.

Commenting on the award, the mayor of Pozuelo, Paloma Adrados, said: “This project is an initiative that has become a reality, and has expectations that, we are convinced, will be consolidate.”

Pablo Rivas, the project’s Information and Communication Technology councilor confirmed the plan to activate a second phase of the project: “It will consolidate a more effective, more efficient and more comfortable administration for the citizens; and ultimately, a better administration.”

Pozuelo smart city solutions

During the first phase of the project, an intelligent parking system was developed and implemeted by Dutch technology company Nedap.

The smart parking system is based on Nedap’s SENSIT solution, consisting of wireless parking sensors that detect in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and for how long it has been occupied. The real-time parking data is integrated with the smart city platform of Wairbut, a CISCO certified partner.

Motorists are able to identify parking spaces as close as possible to their destination with the free Pozuelo Smart Park App.

Apart from the intelligent parking system, other aspects such as energy efficiency in municipal buildings, intelligent irrigation systems and light sensors, are brought together to create a holistic smart city ecosystem. The “brain” of the city, is Wairbut’s management platform CarriotsCityLife, utilised for centralised monitoring of four integrated smart city projects including the intelligent parking solution.

According to project partner Nedap, the Socinfo Foundation awards aim to disclose information about projects to other cities, and highlight efforts under the concept of Smart City and make the work of professionals more visible.