Speech recognition system used for call centre customers


EDF Energy, which includes London Energy, Seeboard Energy and SWEB Energy in the UK, with over 5 million customer accounts, has introduced a speech recognition service for customers wanting to provide meter readings and pay their energy bills. The service was developed by Fluency Voice Technology, which has handled over 9 million calls in the UK to date.

In an effort to offer customers additional choice and convenience in their dealings with EDF Energy, the utility looked for an automated self-service system that was user friendly, proficient and that gave a personalised service. The Fluency system went live in July, and customers have been very positive about the virtual agents. It is powered by two speech recognition applications – PaymentCapture and IDVS (Identification and Verification with status) – which form part of the Virtual Speech Agent (VSA) Suite™.

The applications within the VSA Suite have been designed to be off-the-shelf, so utilities can immediately realise the benefits of reduced time to deploy, cost of ownership and of low risk. PaymentCapture enables fast payment for straightforward transactions, while IDVS allows accurate validation of customers before providing access to personal account information.

http://www.edfenergy.com / http://www.fluencyvoice.com