Strategic pan-European M2M service to be delivered by JT and Stream Communications


Nigel Chadwick,
Founding Director,
St Helier, Jersey and Glasgow, U.K. — (METERING.COM) — April 27, 2012 – A pan-European machine to machine (M2M) mobile network service is to be rolled out between the tier one mobile network operator JT and M2M market specialist Stream Communication.

The two companies have entered into a joint partnership and strategic agreement to provide what they say is the first service offering a true pan-European reach at an effective price point. M2M is expected to be one of the most dynamic growth areas for mobile communications, with 27% compound growth per annum predicted to 2016. One of the contributors to this growth is expected to be smart metering.

JT has a wide range of roaming agreements across the UK and Europe, delivering access to multiple networks in most European countries. Organizations looking to rollout complex M2M projects through the partnership would only have to deal with one operator to access multiple European networks.

Stream Communications has built and implemented a private network backbone. The company’s proprietary online M2M platform, OaSys, provides customers with access to, and management of, SIM cards and multiple network services, as well as real time billing, analytics and tariff information.

The partnership will deliver one central point to plan, execute, track and report on M2M projects. It will also enable M2M rollout with minimal time delay and technical development client side, even for projects based across multiple countries. Furthermore, network services and tariffs can be tailored according to specific customer requirements.

“The joint partnership enables a faster, more reliable and more cost effective route to market for M2M rollouts,” said John Diamond, MD of Global Wholesale Business at JT.

“This partnership enables us to quickly deploy M2M services for customer projects that were previously considered either too complex or too costly,” added Nigel Chadwick, founding Director of Stream Communications.