Strategic partnership for turnkey smart metering solutions in Germany


Thorsten Causemann,
head of product
management, GÖRLITZ
Koblenz, Germany — (METERING.COM) — May 5, 2009 – Metering specialist GÖRLITZ and the Munich-based energy service provider ENSECO have entered into a partnership for the installation, operation and reading of intelligent residential meters in Germany.

Smart metering is still in the teething stage in the German market. However, the ordinance decreed by the government regarding metering access (MessZV) is expected to accelerate developments in this direction.

"Utilities nationwide planning to deploy intelligent meter technology can avail themselves of the extensive services on offer – a comprehensive solution to handle every instance from the installation and operation of metering devices to the provision of the reading results," pointed out Thorsten Causemann, head of product management at GÖRLITZ.

The partnership is the result of a long-standing association and the first assignment is a joint project with the Regionale Dienstleistungen Energie GmbH & Co. KG (RDE), a group of 20 regional utilities in southern Germany. GÖRLITZ will supply the hardware for field tests, including intelligent residential meters with NES technology and data concentrators from Echelon. Its own metering system, the EDW3000 will be deployed as the control station for the collection and distribution of the data. ENSECO is responsible for the on-site service including the installation, network measurement and operation of the system.