Strengthening load management in Portugal


Energias de Portugal (EdP) the country’s largest utility, has awarded a contract to deliver receivers for a load management system based on audio ripple control to Enermet, a leading AMR and load management group. The new RO receivers will allow EdP to adapt to the latest technology and catch up with the new requirements for changing network characteristics; the utility’s load management system has been in operation for 40 years.

EdP was one of the first utilities in Europe to apply a load management system based on ripple control, which has allowed it to curtail demand at peak times by switching off appliances such as hot water boilers and electric heaters. Ripple control allows the signals needed for switching to be transmitted over the existing power lines, which means that EdP has the entire system under its own control.

The bidding for this contract was performed via an Internet auction, and Enermet received the largest share, even though its price was not the lowest.