Swiss model embraces the digital revolution


Achieving a fully operational smart grid is a journey whereby new discoveries are being made through R&D and pilot projects. There is no ‘plug and play’ procedure, as every part of the grid is complex with its own frame of reference and parameters that need to be taken into careful consideration during the planning and design of a project rollout.

Azienda Elettrica di Massagno (AEM), a small Swiss utility, is exploring the sector’s digital revolution by implementing a smart grid that will balance its load profile (smart grid), monitor sensitive parameters from the end users (smart meter) and implement new business models (smart market).

The core of this business model is based on an algorithm connecting data gathered from different sources (consumption, power flow at the interconnection gate with the high tension grid, weather conditions, AEM’s power production and in the future, AEM’s power storage) to maintain a predetermined load profile.

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