Synergy Events launches Europe’s first Smart Homes 2010 conference and exhibition


Synergy is pleased to announce the launch of Smart Homes 2010 – Europe’s first Smart Home conference and exhibition giving a comprehensive understanding as how the utility and telco business can contribute to the smart home evolution.

Smart home revolution
2010 marks a crossroad for the energy consumer. Utilities, telco’s and solution providers are all looking to monopolise and monetise home energy management and redefine the consumer energy landscape. By 2013 over 20 million homes will be equipped with smart home systems and the industry valued at €2 Bln per year.

Smart homes have been identified as the next step beyond the meter and the critical link between the smart meter and smart grid. Thus, Synergy will launch Smart Homes 2010 taking place on 22 -24 September in Vienna, Austria.

Smart Homes 2010 offers a unique experience attracting professionals who are eager to be at the forefront of innovation.

Guaranteed visitors
Smart Homes 2010 event will be co-located with Synergy’s highly successful and established Metering, Billing/CRM Europe conference and exhibition, which in its 12th year will attract over 3000 international participants. This presents an unparalleled opportunity to join the world’s largest metering gathering, while also providing you with a chance to engage with the most comprehensive smart home speaker line up ever assembled. This is the only platform that will unite all the main players in this industry and a vital opportunity to meet the key professionals in the sector.

Key industry support
Smart Homes 2010 is being endorsed by the ZigBee Alliance. Commenting on ZigBee’s support, Bob Heile, Chairman of the ZigBee Alliance said, “as part of its expanding global success in various Smart Grid activities around the world, ZigBee is developing focused support to more effectively meet regional needs, particularly in Europe. Smart Homes 2010 programme and its co-location with Metering , Billing/CRM Europe gives the Alliance an opportunity to reach key decision makers and influencers necessary to achieve this objective.”

For more information, please contact
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Conference Manager
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