Technology chosen for first advanced metering project in Switzerland


Biberist, Switzerland — (METERING.COM) — April 16, 2009 – Swiss utility EV Energieversorgung Biberist has selected Echelon Corporation’s Networked Energy Services (NES) system for what is the country’s first advanced metering project.

EV Biberist has awarded the contract to Echelon’s NES value-added reseller partner GÖRLITZ Schweiz AG to provide advanced metering infrastructure to all of its 5,000 household customers over the next three to five years.

“Building on a successful pilot program, we now look to expand the NES system to all of our customers,” said Peter Kofmel, CEO at EV Biberist. “We expect a rapid return on our investment as we will save the cost of labor for the manual meter reads, and having more precise data regarding customer’s energy demand will allow us to save money in the process of energy procurement.”

“With nearly 3.7 million electricity meters and 850 grid operators, we see a significant opportunity in the Swiss market,” added Ingo Schmitt, CEO at GÖRLITZ Schweiz AG. “And, we believe that by winning the first project in the market we have an important first mover advantage and have established a model for other utilities to follow.”

EV Biberist is one of the suppliers in the open market in the City of Biberist in the Kanton Solothurn.

The utility selected GÖRLITZ’s EDW 3000 as the front-end system for the NES system in this installation.