Telit to supply tech for UK smart meter infrastructure

Meter data processing
Global M2M provider Telit’s solution allows ZigBee wireless data communication between smart meters and either RF or cellular networks

In the UK, global machine-to-machine company Telit Communications on Monday engaged in a GBP142 million contract as one of the technology providers for the GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme. 

Run by the UK’s Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), the programme aims to connect 53 million smart gas and electricity meters in UK homes and small businesses by 2020.

Meter data communication system

According to a company statement, Telit will supply the GBP11.3 billion project with cellular technology to enable a reliable ZigBee data communication system between smart meters and either radio frequency or cellular networks.

Telit’s cellular modules will power a portion of the nearly 30 million UE910 UMTS/HSPA communication hubs to be utilised in the meter data communication line from Q4 of 2016 through to 2021, Metering and Smart Energy International has learnt.

Oozi Cats, Telit’s chief executive, said: “The system will monitor consumption and provide information to help consumers and businesses use energy more efficiently.”

The system will allow meter data to be processed and managed by a single central hub – the Data and Communications Centre.

Establishment of the central hub alone is expected to cost £5 billion (US$7.74 billion).

Telit in smart meter development

The development follows Telit Communications’ securing of a deal with a smart electric meter vendor based in Netherlands earlier this month.

The US$30 million deal includes supply of code division multiple access (CDMA) 450 MHz modules by Telit for the development of smart electric meters to be deployed in the Netherlands by the firm, reported Metering and Smart Energy International.

The smart electricity meters will be deployed nationwide beginning in 2016 over a five-year period.