Tenders news: Israel seeks electricity meters and remote reading software

Israel Electric Corporation electric meter tender
Israel Electric Corporation is seeking electricity meters and a remote meter reading system

Tender deadline: 16 August, 2015

In the Middle East, the central metering unit of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) has issued a tender for single-phase static whole current electricity meters. 

IEC, the main supplier of electrical power in Israel, is seeking a supplier to deliver the electricity meters, and as well as software to enable remote meter reading.

The tender states that the manufacturer will also need to supply all other means required for data exchange between the meter and the HHU/portable PC/Lab PC via different communications.

All bid documents are available in English, available from Shirley Goz at shirlig@iec.co.il

Applicants should include a list of utilities that have purchased electricity meters of a similar type and of the same manufacturer over a three-year period.

The deadline for submission of proposal is 16 August, 2015.

Interested parties should deliver applications in a closed envelope to Israel Electric, Main Office Building, 1 Nativ Haor Street, Haifa, Israel, into bid box 001, Ground Floor, Room 009.

Israel’s electricity demand

State-owned IEC generates, transmits and distributes virtually all the electricity used in Israel.

In the ten years from 2000 through to 2011, the aggregate demand for electricity in Israel grew at an average annual rate of 3.1%, while the gross domestic product rate during the same period was 3.2%, according to the utility.

To meet projected future electricity demand, the IEC’s capital investment program provides for the addition of new combined cycle units with total capacity of 377 MW by the end of 2012.

One of the stated goals of Israel’s Electricity Law is the encouragement of competition in the electricity sector, and government decisions have set a target of increasing the generation of electricity by independent power producers to 20% of the country’s installed generating capacity.

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