Tengelmann Energie, KiK and Deutsche Telekom launch smart meter pilot


Guido Schick,
Managing Director,
Tengelmann Energie
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany — (METERING.COM) — January 28, 2011 – Energy service provider Tengelmann Energie is partnering with KiK and Deutsche Telekom on a smart meter pilot project at 50 KiK stores.

In its market role as a metering point operator, Tengelmann Energie plans to monitor the power consumption in the KiK stores and to transmit the relevant data to its central database, to KiK, and to the relevant local network operator.

The aim of the effort is to make current consumption data available at 15 minute intervals in order to optimize the power consumption in the stores.

The project will also include the option of providing data from meters for sub-systems, such as light systems, air conditioning systems and heating systems.

By the end of January, Deutsche Telekom plans to have the basis in place for power management at the 50 selected KiK stores, including electronic meters, communications units and data connections. Data communications between meters and the central database will take place via Deutsche Telekom’s network.

“This pilot project will give us a sharply focused overview of power consumption on the part of our customer, KiK,” explained Guido Schick, managing director of Tengelmann Energie. “It will enable us to analyze the customer’s requirements and help the customer optimize his power use. At present, for some 2,600 stores we can only record and compare annual consumption data.”

Tengelmann Energie is energy service provider to the multi-sector retailer Tengelmann Group, which also owns KiK.