TenneT joins forces with European Network for Cyber Security


TenneT, one of Europe’s leading transmission systems operators (TSOs) active in the Netherlands and Germany, has joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), becoming the first TSO to do so.

As a multinational TSO, TenneT promises to be both an important contributor and beneficiary of ENCS’ mission to safeguard cyber security across the European energy sector through a collaborative, membership-based approach. TenneT oversees more than 22,000 km of high voltage connections ensuring secure supply to 41 million end-users,

Siem Bruijns, senior manager of corporate safety and security at TenneT comments: “TenneT is very aware of its critical role in daily life of people and businesses so we attach great importance to attaining a very high level of cyber resilience and security.

“Cyber threats develop rapidly, so it’s essential for TenneT to have an independent centre of knowledge to support us. We already knew the quality of ENCS’ expertise by participating in its SCADA Red Team/Blue Team training and technical advisories. By joining as a member, we hope to intensify this relationship.”

ENCS already works with a wide variety of utilities across Europe, sharing knowledge and expertise, collaborating on research projects and conducting training.

As ENCS’ first TSO member, this represents an important step towards improving cyber security across the grid, building on ENCS’s recent memorandum of understanding with ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators), as well as previous work with TenneT itself.

Particular areas of focus will be substation security requirements, and operational technology (OT) security monitoring and incident response.

“To keep European power grids – and consumers – safe from cyber threats, we have to collectively take security seriously at every level,” says Anjos Nijk, managing director, ENCS.

“We have a history of strong collaboration with distribution network operators already, but our work with TenneT means we can help keep infrastructure safe at every level of the grid.”