Water meter news: Honeywell and Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments unveils new microcontrollers for water meters

Texas Instruments have unveiled a new family of MSP430 microcontrollers (MCUs) with an integrated ultrasonic sensing analogue front end that is said to enable smart water meters to deliver higher accuracy and lower power consumption. In addition, Texas Instruments have introduced two new reference designs that make it easier to design modules for adding automated meter reading (AMR) capabilities to existing mechanical water meters.

According to a company release, “the new MCUs and reference designs support the growing demand for more accurate meters and remote meter reading to enable efficient resource management, accurate measurement and timely billing.”

Add wireless communication to mechanical meters with compact, low-power reference designs

Texas Instruments’ new low-power water flow measurement with inductive sensing reference design is a compact solution for the electronic measurement of mechanical flow meters with low power consumption for longer battery life. Enabled by the single-chip SimpleLink dual-band CC1350 wireless MCU, this reference design also gives designers the ability to add dual-band wireless communications for AMR networks. Designers can take advantage of the reference design’s small footprint to easily retrofit existing mechanical flow meters, enabling water utilities to add AMR capability while avoiding expensive replacement of deployed meters.

A second new reference design is an ultra-low power solution based on the SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless MCU. The low-power wireless M-Bus communications module reference design uses a wireless M-Bus software stack and supports all wireless M-Bus operating modes in the 868-MHz band. This reference design provides best-in-class power consumption and flexibility to support wireless M-Bus deployments across multiple regions.

Smart water meters for Dutch utility

Vitens, the largest water utility in the Netherlands, has selected Honeywell to supply up to 600,000 V200P water meters over the next five years.

The polymer-bodied volumetric meter is said to deliver high accuracy over an extended lifetime and flow range. The V200P meter incorporates the patented eSens high-integrity smart meter interface, which seamlessly connects to a comprehensive range of data communication options. 

According to a company release, these innovations add value for utility customers by improving revenue generation, enhancing customer service, empowering consumers and supporting effective water resource management.

Vitens is the largest water supplier in the Netherlands, serving approximately 5.6 million people and companies in the provinces of Flevoland, Friesland, Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel. Vitens delivers 350 million cubic metres of water annually.