UK water company expands deployment of AMI project


Commenting on the development, Danny Leamon, head of metering at Thames Water, said: “Our smart metering programme has already saved millions of litres in other London boroughs and we’ll be doing the same in Bromley, starting in the Mottingham and Chislehurst North wards.”

In addition to installing smart water meters, the water distribution utility will implement a consumer awareness programme to help customers in Bromley understand how to use the automated metering infrastructure (AMI) technology to improve their water efficiency and reduce monthly bills.

Thames Water says it expects smart water meters to help consumers save as much as £180 a year on their water.

The consumer awareness initiatives will include free home visits and the development of an online platform on which consumers can access their water usage data and tips on sustainable water usage in real-time.

The smart meters will also help Thames water improve management of its water distribution system and resources to reduce its operational costs and to meet environmental policies.

The project will allow the water utility to improve the life-span of its water distribution infrastructure and reduce non-revenue water through quick identification of water leakages.

According to a local publication, the smart water meter project falls under efforts by Thames Water to improve its billing accuracy. [UK’s Thames Water pilots smart water analytics].

The utility plans to install smart water meters for all its 15 million customers across London and the Thames Valley by 2030.

Smart water meters, solutions in the UK

In addition to installing AMI meters, water utilities in the UK continue to adopt IoT technologies to enhance their operations.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, South West Water Limited entered into a three-year deal with technology management firm Hitachi Consulting to ensure real-time management of its water distribution network by integrating it with IoT solutions.

The IoT solutions will include a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and communications infrastructure for network data telemetry.

Hitachi Consulting will use Microsoft’s cloud-based IoT solutions suite Azure technologies to help the utility firm manage multiple applications to improve customer service and maintain the reliability of its network.

Kevin Nankivell, head of information technology at South West Water, commented:  “We collect huge volumes of data on water quality, network performance, customer service, maintenance and a variety of other measures, and it can be a challenge to consolidate and analyse these sources of information in a cost-effective manner.”