The energetic Tonttu, the Elf, guards your home when you’re away


October 6, 2011 – There Corp, a spin-off from Nokia, has released the Tonttu, an innovative internet based energy home management system. Tonttu is a remote controllable, wireless caretaker who guards your holiday home when you are not around. Tonttu is particularly concerned about efficient energy usage. When the host is not around, the indoor temperature can be lowered. When expecting the host, Tonttu raises the temperature and heats the sauna, if you so wish.

Thanks to Tonttu you don’t have to worry anymore and you can forget those extra trips to check the status of your holiday home. You can review the real time indoor temperature and the level of energy consumption with a glance on your mobile phone or your computer. Tonttu improves the energy efficiency of holiday homes and makes the life of the home owner easier.  

“A more carefree life for the customer is the objective of the Tonttu: It informs you about the status of your holiday home”, says the developer of the service, the sales director of There Corporation,  Ilmo Lounasmaa.

“With the help of Tonttu, you can lower your holiday home heating costs and save money. Last winter’s pilot use in real Finnish holiday homes showed an average 16 percent savings in the energy costs by lowering the temperature five degrees while there was nobody home.”

Practical design
To create services and appliances that are easy to use for anyone and look and feel good too, has been important from the start. The Finnish design guru Stefan Lindfors has participated in the development of the service.

”User friendliness of the service is a big challenge because product development is in most cases very technical. I could see that There Corporation has been able to handle this challenge, they have the will to do things differently”, Lindfors says.
Appearance has played an important part in the development of the Tonttu service.

At the best, technical equipment can merge nicely into the home interior

Tonttu will handle more tasks in the future
The Tonttu Service will also cover other areas than energy management. It can monitor the consumption of single electrical appliances, for example a heating pump or a fridge. And it will alert you if something abnormal or special happens with the appliances. In the near future, Tonttu can also remind the holiday owner of common caretaking actions such as cleaning the rainwater pipes before the winter.

The Tonttu service has been released to the Finnish market September 21st, 2011.