Webinar recording: The Evolution of the Grid Edge


60 Minutes

At the end of 2018, there was an estimated 22 billion internet of things (IoT) connected devices in use globally. 

As more devices – whether smart meters, thermostats, EVs or even distributed energy resources – are connected to the grid, the challenge of communication between the grid and such devices is becoming increasingly important.

Increasingly though, more and more demand is being put on the concept of real-time control, insight and decision making – and it is here that the grid edge is truly evolving. 

In this interesting discussion, guest experts address the following questions: 

  • The issues of latency and real-time communication 
  • The challenge of data and bandwidth 
  • The enablement of automation through the grid edge 
  • Data analytics at the grid edge

Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International


Kurt Michel, Senior Vice President Marketing | VEEA

Thorsten Heller, CEO | Greenbird